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Reforestation and Wetlands The Topic of Annual Forestry Field Day


The Annual Forestry Field Day was held last night at the home of Kelly (Buck) and Jolene Buchenroth. They have planted over 7,800 Sycamore, Red, White Swamp, and Bur Oak trees on land that was previously unmaintained pasture and contained undesirbale weeds and undergrowth.


"The Buchenroth's have put in about 8 acres of new tree plantings as well as three wetlands. Two of which  are dugouts and one is a damed up wetland." Says District Conservationest Megan Burgess.


The project was funded through EQIP.


"EQIP stands for Environemntal Quality Incetives Program and it is a cost share program authorized through the 2014 farm bill. It helps provide funds to farmers and land owners to improve their natural resources whether thats cropland practices, wildlife practices, or livestock practices." Explained Burgess.


If you're interested in signing up for a program or getting technical assistance with your land, stop into the Hardin County Soil and Water office at 12751 SR 309 or call 419-673-7238 Extension 3.

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