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Local farmer Gary Shick harvests his corn crop.


I took a trip to the Western part of Hardin County to see this year’s corn harvest progress. Among reports of molded ears, sprouting kernels, and worm infestations around the state, Local Farmer Gary Shick says “We saw it earlier, I have seen some earlier samples of it in the earlier planted, April planted corn. We haven’t seen it so far...”

In regards to estimated yields, Shick says he’s “been talking with other farmers, I’ve heard anything from 120 to 240.”  That number is in bushels per acre. Shick says a common goal for his farm is 200 Bu/A however he’s attended meetings where in the west, they reach upwards of 500. Shick also says that this year’s crop is producing better than what he had anticipated.

Shick also showed me how technology has evolved in the field. His combine features a monitor that allows him to view yields and moisture content in real time. However technology in Agriculture extends far beyond that. Select machines now also have potential to steer themselves using GPS Guidance. Companies are also investigating machines that are autonomous or that don’t have a cab and are completely driven by way of computer. Stay tuned to WKTN and WKTN.com for the latest agriculture and FFA news.

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