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Change occurs constantly. If you resist it, you lose. If you accept it, you survive, and if you manage it, you succeed. This was the message of keynote speaker Edison Klingler who is a retired OSU Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Agent of Hardin County. Klingler spoke on the various changes in Agriculture since the time Extension came to Hardin County in 1918. Klingler looked back on the history and advancements made by Hardin County Extension and farmers.


From Left Front: Dr. Bruce McPheron, Stephanie Jolliff (Back) Mark McCullough, Steve McCullough, Mark Rose.

Four agricultural leaders were inducted into the Hall of Fame, first was Ridgemont High School Agriculture Education Instructor and FFA advisor, Stephanie Jolliff. Jolliff started at Ridgemont High School in 2005 and has led members to numerous state and national awards. Her personal achievements include being the first to be named the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s Woman of the Year, Being honored by the Ohio Farm Bureau, and serving on numerous committees and in many organizations. Jolliff’s past students noted that she was extremely innovative in the classroom and helped students and peers find their paths in agriculture.


Stephanie Jolliff Accepting her award.


The late Wright McCullough who is known as an inventor and farmer to the Hardin County area was inducted next. As the founder of McCullough industries, Wright always said “Find a need, build a product to fit that need.” according to Grandson Dustin that presented the award. McCullough is known for many things, some of which include inventing a complete feed mixer, and the Wright Self Dumping Hopper, which are produced in Hardin County and travel worldwide.


Steve McCullough accepting his father's award on behalf of his family.


Known as “A Buckeye and a bug guy” Dr. Bruce McPheron, the Ohio State University Provost and Executive Vice President was honored next. Dr. McPheron was formerly a professor of Entomology (the study of insects) at both Penn State University and The Ohio State University where he has researched insect pests. McPheron was also the Dean of the College of Agriculture at Penn State and Dean of the College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences at Ohio State.


Dr. Bruce McPheron giving his acceptance speech.


Finally, Mark Rose, who is the Director of the Financial Assistance Program for the Natural Resources Conservation Service or “the money man of the NRCS” was inducted. Rose makes sure that NRCS programs are implemented across the country. Rose was a member of the Kenton FFA Chapter and a member of Hardin County 4-H. He addressed the FFA members in the room, saying “Don’t be afraid to go out, but don’t be afraid to come back.” Citing his roots in Hardin County and how working on a farm from a young age helps him daily in Washington D.C.

Mark Rose accepting his award.

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