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As much as 6 inches of rain has fallen since tractors entered the fields. Rob Wilson of Dunkirk says that the main concerns are flooding and soil compaction.


“The big thing is the flooding, it can deplete the oxygen in the soil and it has compacted the soil a lot. The extra wet conditions can cause the seed to rot, but from what I’ve seen, it looks like the seed is growing and the sprouts are coming. A lot of the corn is still growing like normal, but we have some compaction now.” Said Wilson.


Wilson comments on the rollercoaster temperatures impacting the area.


“We first thought that the cold temperatures weren’t really good. The ground temperature needs to be at least 50ºF for the corn to germinate and grow. It looks like the corn is growing. If we would’ve had real hot temperatures, it would’ve baked the soil and made it harder.


Wilson has some advice for young 4-H and FFA members raising livestock in this weather.


“Spend a little time with the animals. When you’re feeding them, listen for coughing, abnormal behavior, make sure they’re eating properly, and any signs of pneumonia. The sooner you catch it, the easier it is to cure.”

Click here to listen to my complete discussion with Wilson.

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