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The Ohio Department of Agriculture will begin aerial treatments designed to disrupt gypsy moth mating on 8,380 acres in Allen, Hancock, Hardin, Marion, Paulding, Union and Wyandot counties.


To help protect Ohio’s diverse habitat, the Ohio Department of Agriculture operates multiple programs aimed at managing the gypsy moth in Ohio. One such program, the Slow-the-Spread program, focuses on monitoring, detecting, and reducing isolated populations to slow the gypsy moth’s movement across the state through treatments.


Airplanes will fly 100-200 feet above the treetops and buildings to apply the treatment throughout the day. Weather permitting, treatments will begin the week of June 19th and occur over one or two days.    


In all counties receiving treatment, the department will use a single application of the product SPLAT GM-O. This product does not kill the moth, but it disrupts the mating process by confusing the male as it searches for a female mate. SPLAT GM-O is an organic product and is not harmful to birds, plants, pets or humans.


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