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Hardin County Master Gardener Volunteers Darla Crownhart and Judy Magee identify disease, insect, and other problems on specimens as part of the statewide Plant Diagnostic Clinic held in Kenton.


32 Master Gardener Volunteers from 8 counties came to Kenton on Friday, June 23 for a statewide Plant Diagnostic Clinic.  This training was conducted by OSU Extension and hosted by the Hardin County Master Gardener Volunteers.  OSU Extension horticulture and entomology specialists Pam Bennett, Nancy Taylor, and Curtis Young provided instruction in the morning about disease, insect, and environmental factors with conifers such as spruce, pine, and fir trees.  After lunch, the attendees split up into small groups and examined over 30 specimens with hand lenses and other information provided to them in the morning session.


Upon completion of the specimen examinations, the horticulture experts then used a projection system to show close-up images of each plant problem while discussing symptoms and management steps.  Knowledge gained from this clinic will help the Master Gardener Volunteers diagnose plant problems that the public brings to the county OSU Extension offices.  It will also serve as continuing education for building upon their knowledge for providing horticulture education programs in their counties.  To request Master Gardener assistance in Hardin County, a resident can email Kim Thomas, president at kethomas1953@windstream.net or Dave McPheron, volunteer coordinator at plantman12@windstream.net in addition to contacting the OSU Extension office at 419-674-2297 for assistance with a lawn and garden issue.  Residents may also post photos with questions on the Hardin County OSU Extension Master Gardeners Facebook page.

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