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People walking past the Dairy Barn at the Hardin County Fair might notice a different sort of cow on in front of the barns. 
A dairy cow prototype is displayed out in front of the dairy barns this year at the Hardin County Fair which is being used as a tool to teach kids and others about where milk comes from. Mitzi Kitchen from the Hardin County Extension Advisory Council said that the cow has been a staple at Ohio State University for a number of years.
"Buckeye Bessie is the mascot for the Ohio State University Dairy Program. She was purchased through a grant from the Ohio 4-H Youth Dairy Program. She is an actual milking cow, though we do not put milk in her, she has water, but people can walk up and try to milk her as they would a real dairy cow, and she also has a micro-chip which allows her to "Moo" " said Kitchen.
The display is used at the dairy farm at The Ohio State University, and has been featured at the Ohio State Fair. When the display became available, it was requested that it be displayed at the Hardin County Fair this year. Kitchen said that the display was for people to stop by and try while they're at the fair this year.
"She milks easier than a real dairy cow so she's been our barn mascot this week at the fair. If you stop by and try it we also have some materials, pens and things of that nature for your kids." said Kitchen.

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