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Ohio State University Extension, Hardin County - During the month of August, Extension volunteer rainfall reporters received an average of 1.94 inches of rain. 
The most rain for this month, 3.33 inches, fell in Marion Township, as measured by Mark Lowery. The least rain reported during the month, 1.25 inches, was reported in Taylor Creek Township by Silver Creek Supply. During the same month last year, an average of 3.84 inches of rain fell. The rainfall recorded in August over the past ten years averaged 4.50 inches.
For the growing season since April 15, the average precipitation in the townships was 18.48 inches, ranging from 23.10 inches in Jackson Township to 14.64 inches in Dudley Township. The growing season average rainfall was 1.11 inches below the ten year average for Hardin County for the same period.
Some farmers are taking delivery of lime to be applied on fields to raise soil pH values as per soil test recommendations. Some corn fields have experienced nitrogen stress from the large amounts of rain received in late June and through July followed by a dry August. Soybeans are beginning to mature, turning yellow with some fields dropping leaves which will soon signal the beginning of fall harvest.


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