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Pictured are the 2013 Hardin County Agriculture Hall of Fame Class.
Front row (L-R): Joan Sullinger, Laurie Laird, Bernard Williams
Back Row (L-R): Rex Sullinger, The Franklin Garmon Family (Rowe Garmon, Ruthann Richards, Max Garmon and Audine Koehler) 
Not Pictured: Virginia Williams
The Hardin County Agriculture Hall of Fame honored the 2013 class, who were inducted at the eleventh annual Agriculture Hall of Fame recognition banquet held at St. John’s United Church of Christ last night.  The 2013 inductees were: Franklin Garmon, Laurie Laird, Rex & Joan Sullinger, and Bernard & Virginia Williams.
Accepting the award on behalf of Franklin Garmon was his son, Rowe Garmon.
“The family would like to thank the Hall of Fame committee and the family here tonight for selecting Dad to the Hall of Fame. It’s quite an honor. When we were filling out the forms we didn’t know what to write. We weren’t sure how to answer some of the questions asked so we just did the best we could. We didn’t think it would ever go through so we greatly appreciate it.” said Garmon.
Laurie Laird talked about her early days working in Hardin County Agriculture.
“How I got to where I am today is a long story. It’s not like when I was looking at career choices in the late 60’s at Hardin Northern my guidance counselor said you could be a teacher, a homemaker, or get involved in landscape design and operate two stores. That wasn’t anything that was available to women at that time. So the fact that I do what I do, some might call it luck or fate, but I like to think it’s all a part of God’s master plan for my life…I want to thank you all for this and for your support over the years. It has been a joy and blessing to have been a part of this county.” said Laird.
Rex and Joan Sullinger were inducted as well, and Rex said that it an honor to be counted amongst such outstanding individuals.
“I want to thank everyone for inducting us into the Hall of Fame. It’s great to be inducted into this class, and it’s great to be in the Hall of Fame period. It’s such an honor. When I look around the room at those who have been in the Hall of Fame, sometimes I think I don’t equal up. I’ve always kind of wondered that…all we’ve ever tried to do is just give back a little bit. It’s what God asked us to do and we’ve always tried to do that, so thank you very much.” said Sullinger.
While his wife Virginia couldn’t attend, Bernard Williams accepted the award on behalf of both of them, and he looked back to his years of service in the South Pacific during World War II.
“70 years ago when I was in the jungle in the South Pacific, little did I ever dream I would be participating in something like this. All that was on my mind was trying to stay alive and get back home safe. I guess I’m a survivor, I’m still here anyway. I want to thank each and every one of you. As I look around the room I see a lot of familiar faces and read many more on the program. It’s an awful nice honor to be given to, so I thank you all.” said Williams.
The purpose of the county Agriculture Hall of Fame is to recognize outstanding agricultural contributions by Hardin County people and to honor those who have brought distinction to themselves and the agricultural industry. Because these Hardin County Agriculture Hall of Fame inductees’ service is vital to Ohio Agriculture and the citizens of our great state, Ohio Senator Cliff Hite has arranged for Senate Commendations for each inductee.  He will deliver these commendations when they are approved and ready from the Ohio Senate.  The Hardin County Agriculture Hall of Fame would like to thank the sponsors who made this banquet possible.  For further information, go to hardin.osu.edu.

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