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Lynn Valley Farmers 4-H Club Holds Meeting
Lynn Valley Farmers 4-H met April 30th with Kolt Buchenroth as President. The American Pledge was led by Kolby Wilcox and the 4-H pledge was led Samantha Lowe. April 30th was the last night for any project changes. Dairy beef weigh in is May 31 8~10:00am at the fairgrounds. June 1st is the deadline for livestock ownership.
June 6th is Camp sign up at 8am at the Extension Office. Club dues must be paid before you can sign up for camp.
June 11th will be Quality Assurance at the club meeting. If you wish to keep your records on line instead in books you will need to talk to Kolt.
Demonstrations given were from Olivia Whiting on Dairy beef feeder feed, Samantha Lowe on cake decorating and Dylan King on how to show and wash a pig. Demonstrations for the next meeting will be: Wes Minter and Delaney Althauser
Next meeting will be May 14th at 6pm at the Lynn Valley Township Hall. We will be planting flowers and refreshments will be donated by the trustee's. Tyler Buxton made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Gage Buxton 2nd.
If you have a 4-H meeting story or FFA Story, you can submit it to us by emailing it to

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