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Rainfall Report For October

Ohio State University Extension, Hardin County - With the help of fifteen volunteer rainfall reporters, the Hardin County Extension office has collected unofficial township rainfall data for the past twenty-one consecutive years. This year, the last half of April was wetter than normal, delaying planting until later in May. Late June and July brought heavy rains to Hardin County, flooding soybeans on low ground and delaying wheat
Although most of the corn crop tolerated the rain, soybeans on low ground or in poorly drained soils were severely stressed. The corn crop did well until a July windstorm, when several fields suffered damage. The corn straightened up and continued to grow well in areas of the county where the planting date and rainfall worked in its favor. The heavy rains in late June and July also brought several fungus related diseases to both the soybean and corn crops. The timely rains did a good job pollinating the corn.
August brought less rain than normal, causing some upper pods of the soybeans difficulty, producing poor fill or small beans. During the growing season, from April 15
through October 15, average rainfall was 24.43 inches. This is only 0.06 inches below the ten-year average growing season precipitation, but 1.89 more inches of rain than last year’s growing season. Harvest came later this year, with some corn still in the fields due to excess rains in October.
Soybean harvest is nearly complete now, but harvest in a few remaining fields has been slowed or stopped by wet conditions. Although most corn has been harvested, several
fields still remain to be shelled. Grain yields have been quite variable, depending greatly on the date of planting and the occurrence of scattered summer showers on each particular farm. Overall, soybeans yields are reported down, while many corn yields are better than normal.
Fall planting of winter wheat has emerged with good stands, although few acres have been planted. Acres of cover crops are on the rise with several farmers exploring the benefits of soil conservation and nutrient recycling. There has been a large amount of fall tillage in the county, possibly to help aerate the soil from the summer rains and help reduce compaction with less need for spring tillage work. The most rainfall recorded during the growing season was 28.99 inches in Jackson Township by Jim McVitty. The least amount of rain was recorded in Dudley Township by Dale Rapp, with 20.22 for the season. A range of 8.77 inches in rainfall accumulation from high to low across Hardin County is an indication of the variability in rainfall across Hardin County in 2013.


North Union FFA Excells At National FFA Convention

Mike Plotner (left) and advisor Hannah Crossen of the North Union, Ohio, FFA Chapter at the 86th National FFA Convention, Louisville, Ky.
Hannah Crossen’s students were barely out of their seats following a general session of the 86th National FFA Convention when they began asking her what new projects they could take on or how they might improve their chapter banquet. That, Crossen told Brownfield Ag News, is what is important about having students at the National FFA Convention.
“So while they might see that on social media, when they actually get to see it awarded on stage and get to see those students in person, it definitely leaves an impression on them,” said Crossen, of the North Union FFA Chapter, Richwood, Ohio.
“We’ve been able to hear many inspiring things from the national FFA officers,” said Crossen’s student, Mike Plotner.
North Union FFA Chapter, Ohio, winning agronomy team (from left) Molly Bayer, Jordyn Rhodeback, Kolton Ingles, Austin Davis and Coach Jared Evans, National FFA Convention, Louisville, Ky
The North Union Chapter left the convention with more than inspiration. After making the top five in eight of the last 11 years, the chapter’s agronomy team took home the top prize for the first time this year.
“We’ve always been the bridesmaid,” said Jared Evans, the agronomy team coach at North Union. “It takes a little luck, but it takes a heck of a lot of hard work,” said Evans, about the win.
Evans coached agronomy team members Molly Bayer, Jordyn Rhodeback, Kolton Ingles and Austin Davis.
*WKTN Radio is an affiliate of the Brownfield Ag News Network. Reposted with permission.


Hardin County Fairboard Meets

The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Saturday, November 2nd at the fair office with 17 board members and several guests present.
Jeremy McLane presented a proposal to the Fairboard for the 2014 Demolition Derby. The minutes of last meeting were reviewed; Don Spar moved to accept the minutes, 2nd by Paul Ralston, motion carried.
Financial reports were reviewed; Mike Kleman moved to accept the financials, 2nd by Steve Christopher, motion carried. Bills were presented to pay; Mike Kleman moved to pay the bills, 2nd by Tom King, motion carried.
Committee reports were:

•Executive committee – Howard Lyle, chairman

Howard Lyle moved to leave the employee contracts the same for 2014, 2nd by Ray Davis, motion carried.                                    


Don Spar moved to keep the rental rates the same for 2014, 2nd by Howard Lyle, motion carried.


Charlie McCullough moved to set the 2014 fair dates September 2nd – 7th, 2nd by Dale Cockerell, motion carried.

Grounds committee – Jim Bidwell, chairman
Janie Seiler moved to change the wording in the privilege contracts for Grange and Hardin Northern Restaurants, 2nd by Mike Kleman, motion carried.
Storage has been filling up and we still have room for small boats.                                                                        
Next grounds committee meeting is Monday, November 11th at 7:00pm in the fair office.
• Entertainment committee – Mike Kleman, chairman
Reviewed a counter proposal for the Hardin County Fair Tractor Pull we will have a meeting with the Hardin County Tractor Pullers on Monday, November 11th @ 6:00pm.
• Livestock committees:
Beef & Dairy Steer tagging will be Saturday, January 4th from 10am – 1pm.
• Junior Fairboard – Nancy Rickenbacher, chairman
Moved the date for selection of Jr. Fairboard members from spring to December so the new members can attend the Ohio Fair Managers Convention in January.
• Old Business:
Sold out of whole hog sausage.
• New Business:
Next Fairboard meeting will be December 7th @ 7:30pm in the fair office.
Don Spar moved to adjourn the meeting 2nd by Tom King, motion carried.
Following the regular business meeting:
Annual Meeting
Paul Ralston moved to keep membership/season tickets at $20, 2nd by Kerry James, motion carried.
Mike Kleman moved to set the Director pay at $2.00, 2nd by Justin Beale, motion failed.
Howard Lyle moved to set the Director pay at $1.00, 2nd by Jim Bidwell, motion carried.
Mike Kleman moved to add three more Director-at-Large positions with no more than three directors from the same township, 2nd by Steve Christopher, vote was taken by paper ballot and motion passed.
Janie Seiler moved to set the Annual Meeting for Saturday, November 1, 2014 with Elections from 3:00pm – 7:00pm, 2nd by Howard Lyle, motion carried.
Mike Kleman moved to adjourn, 2nd by Ray Davis, motion carried.
Re-organizational Meeting
36 members were recorded.
Election Results:
     Buck township – Bob Fish
     Hale township – Janie Seiler
     Jackson township – Mike Kleman
     Liberty township – Don Spar
     Pleasant township – Bob McBride
     Director-at-Large – Kelly Buckenroth
Secretary, Nancy Motter swore in the new Directors.
Jim Bidwell nominated Bob Fish for President, 2nd by Kerry James, Ray Davis moved to close the nominations, 2nd by Kerry James, motion carried.
Dale Cockerell moved to nominate Howard Lyle for Vice President, 2nd by Paul Ralston, Ray Davis moved 
to close the nominations, 2nd by Jeff Madison, motion carried.
Paul Ralston moved to set the meeting date for the 1st Thursday of the month at 6:30pm, 2nd by Dale Cockerell, motion failed.
Janie Seiler moved to set the meeting date for the 1st Saturday of the month at 7:30pm, 2nd by Ray Davis, motion carried.
Mike Kleman moved to adjourn, 2nd by Dale Cockerell, motion carried.


Soybean Research Conducted in Hardin County

Ohio State University Extension, Hardin County – Five Hardin County soybean fields were part of a statewide OSU Extension Soybean Yield-Limiting Factor Study to determine how to increase production, profits, and quality for local farmers.
This research was conducted in 60-70 fields in Ohio, collecting information about soil quality, pests, and management practices. Fields were mapped using Global Positioning System (GPS) points based on two normal production areas and one low production area. Separate soil tests were taken in each area for soil quality and presence of soybean cyst nematode. Field scouting was done to determine the type and amount of insects, weeds, and diseases at two different stages of crop growth, while leaf samples were collected at the flowering growth stage of the soybean plants.
A cultural practices survey was completed identifying crop rotation, tillage methods, seed information, planting information, field drainage, fertilization, and pest management. Harvest date and yield data was collected for each of the three areas in each field. A grain sample was taken from each area for lab analysis of protein and oil content. Data collection was a collaborative effort among faculty, graduate students, and Extension personnel. Soil quality factors, pests, and soybean yield will be correlated to management practices using multivariate analysis conducted by the Ohio State Statistical Consulting Center.
Research results and recommendations will be shared as statewide information to improve soybean production in Ohio. Laura Lindsey, Assistant Professor of Soybean and Small Grain Production, Department of Horticulture and Crop Science at The Ohio State University, was the lead researcher with this study. Cooperating Hardin County farmers participating in this study were Craig Geberin, Ted Griffith, Jan Layman, Paul Ralston, and Mark Watkins.
The study was made possible in part by a grant from the Ohio Soybean Council.


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