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Ryker Drumm
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Hardin County Farm Bureau ATV Farm Tour Held

58 People were in attendance for the tour from as far away as Erie and Darke counties. While the participants drove the 30 mile route through Southeast hardin County, they learned about niche agricultural markets including maple syrup, honey, and deer. Those in attendance also learned about lumber and steel that are produced locally. In addition, the attendees learned about local Amish farms, the Pork industyr, and Community Supported Agriculture or a C.S.A. Also discussed was the EQUIP Grand program offered through the Farm Service Agency (FSA) office.



Carcass Show of Champions Held Thursday Night

The show brings all of the grand and reserve champion animals carcasses into the slaughter house where they are evaluated for meat quality and was judged by Dr. Lyda Garcia, Assistant Professor of Meat Science and Meat Judging Coach at the Ohio State University. Dr. Garcia explains how she evaluates the animals. 
"It's more of a combination, for beef for example, we will take into account the yield grade. Yield grade is nothing more than external fat and muscling calculations. Then we take into account internal fat and hot carcass weight. In addition to that we also look at quality grade which consists of the age of the animal at the time of harvest and marbling score, so basically, the little white flecks of fat in the rib-eye, the more, the better and they will add more value to it." Said Garcia.
Garcia says she's very pleased with the quality that was presented to her.
"This is probably 15th or 16th [show] for the summer of 2016 and I'll tell you, my hardhat goes off to the participants. I saw some really good quality, really good conformation, a nice balance of lean muscle and back fat, so no complaints on my end, I'm very impressed." Garcia Said.
The results for the show are in the beef carcass show, Lane Underwood took first over Wyatt Daniels. In the hog lineup, it was Evan Thompson's Barrow, followed by Ross Thompson's Barrow, then Evan Thompson's Gilt, followed by Trenton Sparks's gilt.It was Madisyn Gossard over Mckala Grauel in the lambs. And to end the show it was Kaitlyn Long over Abigail Osborne with their goats.


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