Alice Hellebrand, Chief Nursing Officer for Dialyze Direct, said they contracted with Kenton Nursing and Rehab to offer the services to the residents of that facility, “We bring in our own staff. Dialyze Direct always has an RN on site. We bring in our own caregivers as well as social workers and dietitcians to oversee the care of the dialysis patient.”

 (left) Alice Hellebrand in Dialysis Room at Kenton Nursing and Rehab

She said convenience is a big factor in why they offer the services in the facility, “Patients are living here, they come from their room, they have their breakfast, they have their meds, they go to the dialysis room, or we do bedside dialysis. The staff, our staff, Dialyze Direct collaborates with the skilled nursing home staff and we provide the treatments. When the treatment is over, the patients just go down the hall to their own room.”


Sharon Huston, Kenton Nursing and Rehab Administrator, said you’d have to drive a pretty good distance to find a facility that offers in-house dialysis services, “There’s nothing within approximately an hour and a half to two hour drive from Hardin County that is offering the services, so even though it may be a drive for the family to come and visit, it can be just short term to help stabilize them and then be able to go back home and continue with whatever current dialysis treatments they were receiving.”