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LOS ANGELES (AP) — It's fair to say people are falling for the new game 'Pokémon Go.' Not to mention tripping, getting robbed and trespassing because of it. The augmented reality game went live a week ago today. And it's been a hit — one of the most popular downloads ever.


Pokemon Go


But the popularity has its drawbacks. In St. Louis, police say robbers perched near digital spots have robbed people who show up to collect Pokémon. One man says his home has been overrun with players, who block his driveway and halt traffic as they stare at their phones.


And a 21-year-old player in Oregon shrugged off a stab wound to keep playing. He asked a stranger on the street if he was playing and the other guy stabbed him. Police say the player described his attacker, refused treatment — and continued on his Pokémon hunt.


The museum on the site of the Nazi death camp Auschwitz says 'Pokemon Go' is not welcome there. Pokemon Go is a reality game that people play on their smartphones as they look for virtual creatures while visiting real-life locations. There have been reports of people playing the game at Auschwitz and other memorial sites around the world. That's being denounced as disrespectful.

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