With the fourth of July there’s plenty of reason to have fun, but with that comes the risk of safety. Local Kenton firefighter/medic Gabe Sutton told us some tips to keep safe for Independence day while still being able to have fun.


FF Sutton explained that fireworks are the biggest attraction for this holiday and said that all ages need to be safe when dealing with legal novelty fireworks. Most of the injuries come from small children typically under the age of 16.


“We want to remind people of all ages to be safe, kids to adults. 40% of all injuries are typically under the age of 16 so we want to stress the importance of keeping small children away”.


FF Sutton also reminds us that the fireworks that are used for the firework shows are to be used by a licensed professional only.


However, Sutton says to use caution when using sparklers.


“Sparklers burn around 1,200 degrees so be careful with those. Keep a bucket of water or a garden hose close by, and you can extinguish it quickly”.


Even though fireworks are thought to be fun and exciting, our four legged friends tend to think differently. Fourth of July is one of the biggest times of the year to where dogs and cats can run away.


“Make sure they have a safe place to run and hide, inside somewhere cool since it’s going to be hot out.”


Not only is there celebration with fireworks for Independence day, but also grilling out. Sutton advises keeping the grills outside. Don’t bring them inside whether it’s in your house or garage or shed. Keep the grill at least 10 feet from a house, shed or any other building. As well as kids and pets.


With the weather getting warmer people tend to spend late nights outside which means having campfires. Sutton explained how to keep safe when trying to enjoy a nice summer night out with a campfire.


“We want to remind people to keep a safe distance from fires, don’t sit to close. Parents with small children we want to put small barriers up in place. We don’t want them playing around fires. That eliminates the potential for trips and falls into the fire and that can lead to burns and significant injuries. Use a rope or anything that can mark off the boundary on whats a safe area and whats not. As with the grills, keep the fire a safe distance from structures or garages, and keep water close.”

The Kenton Fire Department is able to provide emergency medical services in addition to firefighting. Sutton reminds residents that they are always available to help out.


“We’re here 24/7 365. We don’t take any days off. So if you do need us, call 9-1-1 and we’ll be on our way there.”