The National Weather Service is forecasting heat index values to reach between 95 and 100 degrees this weekend and with that comes added risk of heat related conditions. The Kenton Professional Firefighters Local 2648 is advising that residents take precautions to stay hydrated and cool this weekend.

According to a graphic released by the firefighter union’s Facebook Page, a person is experiencing rapid, weak pulse, muscle cramps, cool, pale skin, is sweating excessively, or is nauseous, is experiencing  heat exhaustion. They advise moving the person to a cool location, hydrating them, and using cool water or compresses to cool the victim down.

If a victim has a throbbing headache, is not sweating, has a body temperature above 103 degrees with red, hot, dry skin, and has a rapid, strong pulse, or is unconscious, call 9-1-1 immediately and take action to cool them down, because they may be having a heat stroke.