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Majority Plans to Spend About the Same or Less For Christmas Shopping


When it comes to spending for Christmas this year, 44% of our Visitor Poll voters plan to spend about the same as they did in 2015.


Another 43% said they plan to spend less, and the remaining 13% said they plan to spend more than they did last year.


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Finance Committee Ready to Present 2017 Budget to Kenton City Council

2017 Budget Deficit for Kenton was discussed for a final time at the City Council Finance Committee Monday.
Towards the end of every calendar year the City Council of Kenton projects it's revenue for the next year and it's the task of Finance Committee is to comb through the expected expenses and calculate if the city will be in the black or the red. At the beginning of this process back in October the general fund for the City of Kenton was showing a projected deficit of around $500,000 dollars. By going through the line items one by one the committee has reduced the projected deficit to $57,700 or 1.38% of total estimated revenue for 2017. It was decided by the committee members that at this time nothing further can be cut and it was time to send the budget for 2017 to the full Kenton City Council for discussion and approval. 
Committee member David Beazley mentioned to the administration that with any of the departments, "That even if they touch the general fund they need to know we are in defeict, so if there is a way to save a nickle, save the nickel."
Other topics up for decision was the introduction of an ordinance heading to the City Council to fill a shortage in funds after purchasing items for the new building and the Auditors office also received more money from a grant for the Kenton Police Department K9 unit than expected and additional appropriations must be passed to reflect the over-payment of approximately $471.
Safety Service Director Jim Hites updated the committee on an issue with billing for the brush and debris disposal for the City. The billing issue started in 2014 and is currently being worked out in conjunction with the North Central Solid Waste District and the Hardin County Commissioners. The total bill for debris and brush disposal comes to $7,408.10 with NCO Waste paying half and the remaining being split between the City of Kenton and the Commissioners. The cost to the city of Kenton would be a $656.55 and appropriations would need to be passed to cover the cost. With the knowledge of the cost going forward the City would only use the facility for trash disposal when needed. 
City Auditor Brian Hattery brought up possible issues with the Kenton Sewer Department showing a deficit in the budget that will be sent to the City Council for approval. Hattery questioned why there would be a deficit when nothing has changed in expenses and seeing how the..."original rate were dropped by 3 dollars I would see how you would want to look into raising rates" The Finance Committee Chair Teresa Styer, Clint Sneary, and Beazley all agree that exploring raising Sewer and even Water rates in the near future is something the committee should be looking at to help keep both departments healthy.


2016 ARC Auction Down Slightly From 2015; Still a Success

The 2016 ARC Auction held this past Sunday at Simon Kenton School was a success again this year.
Simon Kenton School Superintendent Mark Kieffer said the total raised this year was $11,821, "$7612 was from the auction sales, which is about $500 less from last year. I think our crowd was down a little bit. It seems like all the Christmas events are now happening much earlier in the month, so there's a lot of folks sharing our time, but we appreciate that. Our kitchen sales was $609, and the Roof Law Office sends out letters for cash donations and those have brought in $3600 already."
He said the proceeds benefit Simon Kenton School, "Most of the money will go to our Summer Respite Program, and that is for students of Simon Kenton School and other special ed classes throughout the county who's family needs some summer babysitting or respite. It's quite an undertaking. It also goes towards extracurricular events at Simon Kenton School and Harco Industries and sometimes special projects such as our walking track. Money from previous auctions has gone for our new walking path. It's located just north of Harco and then we have a Special Needs fund, which helps out families who's medical bills or travel really exceeds what they can afford due to their child's disability or medical needs of the child. That Special Needs fund is I think one of the most valuable funds to help out families at a time of need."
Kieffer thanked the many people who helped make the auction successful including donors, auctioneers, volunteers and of course the bidders, "Folks that come out and spend their money and but the items. Sometimes they get a good deal and sometimes they go at cost or above cost, but it's our bidders that really put the cash in our till, and we really appreciate them the most, so I just want to thank the whole Hardin County community for the support again at our auction."


OhioHealth Hardin Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees Meet

Kenton, Ohio – Hardin Memorial Hospital’s Board of Trustees met Wednesday to receive committee reports.
The Finance/Audit/Compliance Committee report revealed that year-to-date the hospital system’s operating margin is running slightly above budget.  
The Quality of Care Committee made recommendations to the medical staff and the Board approved several new medical staff appointments in the specialties of Cardiology, Neurology, Physician Medicine & Rehabilitation, Pulmonary/Critical Care and Radiology. Reappointments were also approved which included 65 physicians, and one Advance Practice Providers.  
The Community Needs Committee met and received updates from Chief Operating Office, Ron Snyder, regarding physicians and Phase I of the renovation project to the outpatient department on the 2nd floor consisting of a new endoscopy suite and one patient room.  Phase II of the project is scheduled to begin July, 2017 and will include a new nurse’s station and renovation of all the patient rooms.  A report was also given on the Press Ganey satisfaction results and the scoring process. Chris Davis, Marketing and Communications Manager, shared information on many of the community events the hospital has participated in over the last few months and announced the new website for OhioHealth, OhioHealth.com, is now live.  
The Nominating Committee recommended a new slate of officers as well as new proposed committee members for the upcoming year.  The Board approved the recommendations.
During the Senior Management report Wendy Rodenberger, Chief Nursing Officer, announced that JCAHO (Joint Commission Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) will be on site to survey the hospital in the next few weeks.  Accreditation from JCAHO ensures that we are meeting quality and patient safety standards.  This is an elective process and done every three years. Snyder also informed the group that he and Rodenberger have been conducting interviews with oncologists to expand the oncology service line to the Specialty Center. 
Matt Jennings, Chairman of the Board, thanked all of the board members for their commitment to the hospital as well as entrusting him to be the chairman for the past several years.  Chip Root will be the Board chairman beginning January, 2017.


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