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While summer is approaching, snow days were a topic of discussion at the Kenton School Board Meeting last night.


The Kenton School Board adopted a alternative plan for dealing with calamity days at their meeting last night. Specifically in regards to the Blizzard Bag program which is school work the kids could do while at home on calamity days. There were many issues in regards to the effectiveness of the program this past year, and school superintendent Jennifer Pensarski said that the alternative plan would address some of the issues.


"Our teachers are going to be the ones that are actually going to develop the lessons so that their instruction will be in line with the lessons. We'll do this instead of our ESC designing what was going to do it which might not be linked directly to the classroom instruction. So even though the lesson might still be online it's going to be designed by the teacher rather than someone who is outside of the district." said Pensarski.

Also at the meeting, the board heard from Technology Coordinator Ryan Collins on updates to the new Kenton Schools Website, and improvements on that site. Collins noted that the new site will provide opportunities for staff to update their content on a daily basis. Jason Fleming from Garmon Miller also gave the board a building update. The buildings fixtures and flooring are installed and cooling units are operational in four of the five sections of the building. Superintendent Pensarski also apologized to parents for not having the bus routes for the next school year finished yet, but noted that they will be and the new routes will be sent out to parents very soon.


The next meeting of the Kenton School Board will be a Special meeting on June 27th to hire staff. That meeting will be at 8am at the board office. The next regular meeting of the Kenton School Board will be on July 21st 2014, at the Kenton Schools Administrative Offices at 7pm.

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