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A Kenton man was injured after a propane tank on a grill exploded around 9:30 Monday night.



According to information from Kenton Fire Chief Russ Blue, firefighters were dispatched to 13 Champion Court where the explosion occurred on the back porch of the house owned by Henry Scott. His grandson, Charlie Wynegar Junior, said the grill had been used earlier in the day, and when he checked on it later, he smelled a strong odor of gas and heard a hissing sound. When he went to turn it off, that sparked the explosion which blew out the walls and brought the ceiling of the porch down. The subsequent fire was quickly extinguished.

Wynegar was transported to Hardin Memorial Hospital and later transferred to OSU Medical Center in Columbus for treatment of burns to his legs.

Total damage was listed at around $6000, and firefighters were on the scene for around two hours.

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