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The City of Kenton will soon raze several dilapidated properties.  


At the Kenton City Council meeting Monday night the Kenton City Council passed an ordinance to purchase three properties in a far state of disrepair for the purposes of razing the structures on them and turning the land into usable space. The three properties in question were 412 S. Detroit Street, 133 South High Street and 419 W. Walnut Street. City Law Director John Schwimer requested that the council pass the ordinance to complete the sale so that the city could begin the process of tearing down the structures currently on the property sites. The council passed the ordinance.


Also at the meeting, the council approved a request from the Safety Committee to vacate an alley at 101 Cleveland Avenue, and moved to a second reading several appropriation ordinances, to cover the services of the Parks & Rec Director for the remainder of the year and to officially purchase the tornado siren for the city.


The next meeting of the Kenton City Council will be on August 11th 2014, at the Kenton Muncipal Building at 7:30pm.

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