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The Kenton High School Top 20 has spent this week gearing up for the new school year.


With the end of summer approaching and school activities beginning in earnest, some Kenton High School students spent this last week in the Kenton Middle School dancing and singing. The Kenton High School Showchoir, the Top 20, held their camp at KMS this week. Top 20 Co-Director John Hines said that the camp has gone quite well this week.


The members running through their opening number Wednesday at KMS.


"Fantastic! We've hit sectional work with our vocals. Every morning we get a full morning in of singing and we hit the choreography really hard in the afternoon. These kids have been like sponges, soaking it all up. Every time we hand them a new piece of music or show them a couple of new steps for a song they're ready to go. In my years working with this group, I've not seen them this excited before." said Hines.


The Top 20 Show this year is themed "Romeo & Juliet" and will consist of a wide variety of songs and dancing. The show will feature some 80's power ballads, reggae music, modern hits and even some alternative music, which will be tied together with the overall theme. Professional Choreographers Shane Coe and Isabella Rakityan are also working with the Top 20 this year to help the group with their competitions.


Top 20 Co-Director Todd Daquino said that the kids committed to putting together a competitive show that the students and people of Kenton can be proud of, which is all the more impressive when you consider how many different activities many of the students are involved with.



"By the time this week is over they'll have put in 40 hours this week. They work from the end of July all the way through the end of May with Cabaret so it's a ten month year for these kids, and they had a short summer break and came right back to it. Just watching these kids and seeing how they love to perform and all the work they've put in, all the hours of practice, sacrifices they make, going back and forth between other camps and two-a-day practices with sports and so many other things, when you see this show you'll really see the passion that they have." said Daquino.


This year also marks the first year for the new Stageright risers, which replace the old ones in use for the past thirty years. According to Hines the new risers are more durable, versatile, and will allow Kenton to host a showchoir competition later this year.


The Top 20 will debut their show on Wednesday September 3rd at the 2014 Hardin County Fair. After that, they will perform at the Findlay Music Fest and the Ada Feast Showchoir Competition, as well as several shows planned over the winter of 2015.

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