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It was the culmination of a sixteen month project, but the Kenton City Schools Elementary Building was officially dedicated Saturday morning. 



A dedication ceremony was held in the new Kenton Schools Elementary Building Saturday morning, and the building project was finally unveiled to the public. As the public toured the building, Jason Fleming from Garmann/Miller Architects, who designed and built the building, told the public what they could expect to see.


"This facility has four classroom pods and each pod holds two grade levels. Preschool and Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd, 3rd and 4th and 5th and 6th. Each pod has a teacher work room for the staff in that area and each one has an individual restroom except for the preschool and kindergarten which has one for each individual room. Each pod has its own electrical heating and cooling system, and an extended learning area for teachers and staff to use for a community learning area. The common areas include their own machine room, main electric room and main technology room. This area includes the two gyms, the media center and the stage, as well as the cafeteria, kitchen, art rooms, music rooms for both instrumental and vocal and the main office. There are also two playgrounds, one for the preschool through 2nd grade side of the building and one for the other side of the building." said Fleming.



The building also houses a state of the art security system which permits all visitors to enter and exit the building through the main office.


Many individuals who participated in the project were recognized at the dedication, and Jennifer Pensarski, Kenton Schools Superintendent thanked the public for their vote in allowing the building project to become a reality.



"It's hard to believe that it was only sixteen months ago that we were all at the high school where we were having our kickoff for the groundbreaking ceremony and how excited we were about our new elementary and what it would look like. I believe this building has exceeded our expectations. I never dreamed that a building of this magnitude and quality would be available to our students in sixteen months. There are still things to be done but the team behind the scenes of this project is one of the most professional groups that I've had the opportunity to work with. As you walk these halls and the rooms today, imagine how this school will inspire all of us to inquire and excel. Today marks the celebration of the completion of the building project and the beginning of an exciting journey for our staff and students.Thank you to everyone for making this dream a reality." said Pensarski.



Pictures from the dedication ceremony, as well as pictures from the new building can be found on our photo page.


The building will continue to be fitted throughout the rest of this month. The first day of school for Kenton will be on September 8th.

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