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The City of Kenton is exploring options to help save funds in the overall city budget.  


Kathy Frado from the State Auditors Office Ohio Performance Team spoke to the members of the Kenton City Council about the possibility of a performance audit. Frado said that the state can audit any aspect of the city government to determine if there are ways or methods to improve the performance in any department throughout the city. Frado said that audits can cover any or all departments throughout the city. The amount of work being audit determines the length of the audit, but Frado said that auditors spend around three to four months gathering data and another three months reviewing it. The state auditors office has conducted performance audits all around the state, and Frado said that savings come from suggestions in the collective bargaining agreements, but also from looking at city facilities.


"Areas such as fleet, and facilities are also huge drains. There's a lot of security issues, maintence issue. Building maintence is something that often delays costs in the short run. Preventitive maintence, but in the long run those can add up to costly issues. So we look into those areas and found a lot of savings in those types of areas as well" said Frado.


Also at the meeting, the council passed several pieces of legislation including an ordinance to purchase a tornado siren, funds for purchasing supplies for the Kenton City Pool and an agreement for the participation in the Northern Indiana/Ohio Passenger Rail Initiative.


Jon Cross, the President/CEO of the Chamber & Business Alliance also spoke to the council. Cross discussed the Chamber's strategic plan, including six goals, which are to Foster Economic Vitality, Revitalize Communities, Invest in People, Promote Agricultural Connectivity, Build Community Collaboration and Strengthen the Alliance. Cross invited anyone who had ideas or questions about the plan to contact his office.


The next meeting of the Kenton City Council will be on September 8th 2014, at the Kenton Muncipal Building at 7:30pm.

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