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State Representative Robert Sprague hosted a town hall meeting Wednesday night.
State Rep. Robert Sprague discusses drug issues with Hardin County Common Pleas Court Judges Scott Barrett and Steven Christopher.
Representative Sprague hosted the meeting to discuss several initiatives that he was working on at the state level. The majority of the town hall was devoted to talking about the drug problem throughout the state, and specifically in Hardin County. Sprague noted that the problem is manifested in the number of drug overdoses that the county sees over the course of a given year, and that is, according to Sprague tied into the number of opiates that are prescribed each year.
"You know it filters down and it doesn't just stop with the drug overdoses. With every OD we know that there is a direct correlation between the number of people who overdose and the number of prescription opiates that are prescribed. About a decade ago in the state of Ohio we had about 80 million doses of prescription opiates that were prescribed. In 2013 we had 833 million doses prescribed. Now we have 11 1/2 [Million] people living in Ohio. So that would be about enough for all of us adults to take home an entire bottle for at least one month out of the entire year." said Sprague.
Sprague also recognized both Judge Scott Barrett and Judge Steve Christopher, who both deal with drug issues daily in the Hardin County Common Pleas Court system. Judge Barrett discussed the work his office has been doing with the Hardin County Drug Court, and Judge Christopher discussed his experiences in dealing with drug issues at a family and juvenile level.
Sprague noted that Hardin County is on the map for innovative approaches to combating drug issues throughout the state.

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