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People driving out on State Route 195 near County Road 110 in the past month may have noticed something odd. There is no County Road 110. 


Crews digging out the east side of County Road 110 near St. Rt. 195.


The Hardin County Highway Department has been working on improvements in County Road 110 in Lynn Township over the summer. According to Deputy County Engineer Luke Underwood, when ODOT closed part of State Route 195, that opened up a need for improvements on County Road 110. So, the county has been in the process of widening the road, moving the road, and rebuilding the road literally from the ground up.


"The job was broke into three different parts. As you get west of the dairy farm you start getting out of the muck area. So that section was called Part A, and in that section we widened it to get the road out to 21 feet wide. From the dairy farm east we did a full reconstruction because of the muck that was underneath the road. We had soil borings which determined there was muck under the road and we decided that needed to be removed. So the section from the dairy farm east to State Route 195 then, we totally removed the road and the muck that was underneath and we're hauling clay in to replace that." said Underwood.

Widening the road, moving it ten feet and digging up the road will allow for the new road to be built on highway specs, which will allow for heaver truck traffic. When completed, it will resemble State Route 195, and like many projects of this nature, Underwood said the road project has had several setbacks over the course of the summer, with many days not worked due to weather conditions.


"We have issued fourteen rain days. So factoring those in and if we don't get any more, we're looking at the excavation to be complete by September 12th so it can be paved" said Underwood.


Underwood notes that the contractors believe that the road will still be able to be open by its projected completion date of September 26th.

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