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Hardin County Fair Foundation formed to raise funds for fair improvements.

A new organization to help raise funds to support the Hardin County Fair was announced at the fair this week.


The Hardin County Fair Foundation, a local non-profit foundation was formed to help raise and invest funds to support the activities and facilities of the Hardin County Fair. Paul Ralston, Fairboard director and Secretary/Treasurer of the foundation said that the purpose of the foundation is to allow others to financially support the fair.


"There has been interested for a number of years as to how we can raise funds to help improve and repair some of our buildings and facilities. There are several county fairs around that have fair foundations, for example Allen County has had a very successful fair foundation. It's a 501C3 and as a result many area businesses see a donation as a tax deduction. So we thought that would be a good idea to try here." said Ralston.

The Hardin County Fair Foundation will be operated under the Hardin County Community Foundation, which will oversee the investments, tax audits, and other financial activities. Jerry Layman serves as it's Chairman, and other members of the board of directors with Ralston are Kelly Buckenroth, Ed Elliott, Mark Light, Steve McCullough and Virginia Tice. Ralston said anyone who would like to know more information or who would like to make a donation can see the display outside the Jr. Fairboard office in the Machinery Building at the fair this week.


"We have a booth set up in the Machinery Building right by the new Jr. Fairboard Office. There will be information on the table there, and also in the Secretarys office, and any fairboard director knows how to donate so you can ask any director as well." said Ralston.

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