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The Kenton City Council met Monday evening for its 16th regular session. Council President Joel Althauser called the meeting to order and all council members were in attendance.


The minutes of the previous meeting were approved before the council moved on to legislative measures.


The ordinance to approve the transfer of the former Espy School property from a residential district to a business one passed 7-0 at its third reading. Three other ordinances moved to second and third readings, respectively.


During committee reports, Director of Law John Schwemer further discussed the pending legislation for the Job Creation Incentive Program. Schwemer mentioned the importance for the council to take their time writing and tweaking the legislation. The program, once in place, will benefit existing and new businesses in the city with credits towards taxes for meeting the requirements of the plan. Schwemer also mentioned that although it will take awhile for the credits to become evident as this is "new money", as long as the businesses continue to meet the requirements, the necessary money will be built into the budget year after year.


In other reports, President and CEO of the Hardin County Chamber and Business Alliance, Jon Cross, explained to council the chamber's vision for the future of Hardin County jobs. He presented a three-tiered plan with the main components as #1 - attracting and maintaining a labor pool, #2 - creating and maintaining new jobs, and #3 - improving the quality of life for county residents. According to Cross, if the first two tiers are met, the rest will "fall into place". Cross also informed council of a Career Expo, to be held on Friday, September 25, from 9am-1pm at the Hardin County Sheriff's Office Community Room. This fair is a collaboration between the Chamber, Ohio Means Jobs, Hardin County Job and Family Services, and the Ada Chamber of Commerce. It is free for businesses to participate in the expo; any interested business owners should contact the Hardin County Chamber for more information and to register.


The Kenton City Council will meet next on Monday, September 14, 2015 at 7:00pm at the City Building.

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