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BELLEFONTAINE, Ohio (AP) - A funeral service was held for a baby who prosecutors say was suffocated by his mother along with his two brothers over a period of 13 months.


Three-month-old Noah Pilkington was found dead at his parents' apartment Aug. 18 in Bellefontaine.


Services were held at a Bellefontaine funeral home Wednesday afternoon, a day after Noah's mother, Brittany Pilkington, was indicted on aggravated murder charges that carry the possibility of a death sentence.


The 23-year-old mother is in Logan County Jail on $1 million bond. Police and prosecutors say she confessed the day Noah died to killing him, a 4-year-old brother in April and a baby brother last July.


Authorities say Brittany Pilkington was jealous at the attention her husband paid the boys.

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