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These are the UNOFFICIAL returns from the Hardin County 2015 General Election. Certified on November 17th.


Kenton Mayor Race

1130 Randy Manns

355 (Write-in)


Kenton Council at Large Race

384 B.J. Hall

1041 Patricia Risner

797 Clint Sneary

1101 Peggy Wren


Alger Mayor Race

76 Donald Hensley

120 James Summa


Alger Village Council Race

76 Juanita Downing

111 Ethan Hunt

118 J.P. Hunt


Dunkirk Council Race

119 Dorothy Baum

130 Linda Gibson

114 Jaide McBride


Forest Village Council Race

17 Stephen Manns

20 Loretta Perkins

12 Lisa Price


McGuffey Mayor Race

16 Terry Donald

75 Greg Howard

7 Aaron Huff


Blanchard Township Fiscal Officer

213 Bethany Driskill

117 Elwanda Hastings

108 Christine Lawrence


Buck Township Fiscal Officer

262 Roger Crowe

155 Kerri Modd



Dudley Township Trustee

56 Larry Butz

131 William Legge II

96 Zac McCullough

32 Bradley Murphy


Goshen Township Fiscal Officer

106 Nancy Barrett

93 Tammy Sherman (Write-in)


Goshen Township Trustee

128 Allen Barrett

91 Richard Barrett


Jackson Township Trustee

269 Jerry Messenger

237 Frank Sellars


Washington Township Trustee

109 Nancy Motter

143 Gail Rodabaugh


Ada Schools Board of Education

730 Ron Fleming

790 Mathew Gossman

685 Jennifer Hiester

734 Amy Mullins


Hardin Northern Schools Board of Election

202 Carol Jolliff

416 Jeffery Morris

430 Michele Obenour

636 Chris Rodabaugh

490 Kathy Schroeder


Ridgemont Schools Board of Elections

518 Cheryl France

490 Eric Hill

310 Patrick Stacklin

464 Jerry Turner





Money Issues


Blanchard Township Tax

195 For the Tax Levy

243 Against the Tax Levy


Buck Township Tax

152 For the Tax Levy

293 Against the Tax Levy


Cessna Township Cemetaries

126 For the Tax Levy

45 Against the Tax Levy


Cessna Township Fire

144 For the Tax Levy

25 Against the Tax Levy


Mental Health and Recovery Board of Allen, Auglaize, and Hardin Counties

4833 For the Tax Levy

2674 Against the Tax Levy

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