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The annual ARC Auction will be held Sunday at Simon Kenton School Harco Industries in Kenton.


Superintendent Mark Kieffer said it is a big fundraiser for the school, "The funds go towards various items in the classrooms and supports Simon Kenton School and Harco Industries students, adults and their families."


Kieffer said that the doors at Simon Kenton will open at noon on Sunday, "And we'll have various lunch items. We have our homemade noodles, tacos and some other lunch items, and then the bidding will begin at one, and we have very qualified auctioneers."


He said once again this year there are a number of items to bid on, "We have many, many Christmas decorations and wreaths and gift certificates. There are a number of great Christmas items that you can get for a pretty good bargain."


And Kieffer said that's just to name a few, "We have very many donated items. We're very appreciative of the business community. They always come forward. We also have our regular donors, and we really appreciate that, and we hope to see you there on Sunday."

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