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The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Saturday, December 5th at the Hardin County Fairgrounds. 


There were 16 directors present and 13 guests present.

 Howard Lyle, President, called the meeting to order.


A Thank You from the Hardin County Soil and Water Conservation District was read.

Brad Murphy was present to show his interest in being appointed as representation for Dudley Township.

Mark Badertscher requested using the fairgrounds for a pesticide disposal collection site.  This was approved by the fair board. 


Paul Ralston was present to show his interest in being appointed as a director in either McDonald or Dudley Townships.

Ron Sites requested the fair board look into having the flower entries during the fair, have a later entry deadline than the rest of the open class entries.  He also requested the fair board use a different demo derby promoter than 3-D Promotions during the fair.  He was told the fair board will be looking into other promotors during the OFMA Annual Convention.


Last month’s minutes, financial reports, annual meeting minutes, re-organizational meeting minutes and bills to be paid were approved.


Craig Stump from the Executive Committee stated there will be an Executive Committee Meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 8th at 7pm to discuss a director needed for the Fair Foundation and appoint open Township Director positions.  Fair Board meeting dates for 2016 were given out.  Employee Bonuses for 2015 were discussed and approved.  The board also moved to give Kolt Buchenroth and Jamie Smith gift cards for all of their work they have done this past year. The Code of Conduct was given to each director to sign.


Jim Bidwell spoke on behalf of the Grounds Committee.  He stated the 3rd race horse barn is going to be rented, starting in January.  The race horse barn agreement was approved to include electric in the price.  It will now be $110 per month, up $10. The other two race horse barn that are currently rented, will receive a bill for electric.  Old lights have been scrapped and there has been a deposit of $944.61 collected so far.  The board moved to increase the deposits for the arts/crafts building and community building by $100.  The deposit for the arts/crafts building will now be $200 and the community building will be $300. Jim stated they will be meeting with the commissioners on Dec. 8th, to discuss needs at the fairgrounds.  It was noted the snow blower has been paid for, by an anonymous donor.  The wheelbarrows, with money from Lynn Valley Farmers, have been purchased.  The next grounds meeting will be Tuesday, Dec. 15th at 7pm. 


Craig Stump, chair of the Camping Committee, stated they will be meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 12th at 7pm to discuss the new camping spots. 


Jeff Madison, chair of the entertainment committee spoke about their meeting they had.  It was noted the Showmen of Showmen Contest will be moved to Sunday afternoon from Saturday night.  The demo derby will be on Sunday night of the 2016 fair and the committee will be researching other out of county groups to put on the event during the OFMA Annual Convention.  The board moved to have the Bear Hollow Wood Carver come back for the 2016 fair and to sign a contract to have the Great Lakes Timber Show perform for 6 days, using 3 guys at a cost of $8,000.  They also moved to have Chase Bryant be the entertainment on Saturday night of the fair.  It will cost around $30,000 to have the Saturday evening entertainment with renting a stage, bleachers, lights and cancellation insurance.  Tickets will cost $10 and $15.  The board moved to increase the general admission and reserved seats for the band and choir shows by $1.00.


Don Spar, representing the Livestock Committee, stated there has not been a good response about the meeting being held about the showorks sale committee program, so he is going to start calling the other fairs, to see if they are interested in coming to the meeting on Sat., Dec. 19th.  Dale Cockerell stated the steer weigh in will be Saturday, Jan. 2nd at the fairgrounds from 10am-1pm.  Don stated the Livestock Sale Committee will meet on Wed., Jan. 20th at 7pm and the Livestock Committee will follow that meeting at 7:30pm.  There are currently 24 JR. Fair Livestock exhibitors that still need to cash their checks from the fair, which includes 19 families. 

They have 90 days to cash those checks.


Janie Seiler, representing the Rides/Concession Committee, stated she will be meeting with Durant Amusements, at the OFMA Annual convention, about prices for the 2016 fair. 

Nancy Rickenbacher, representing the JR. Fair board, stated she will be placing a ribbon order at the OFMA Annual Convention. 


Under old business:  All whole hog sausage has been sold with a profit of $1,080 made.  The January regular board meeting will be on Monday, Dec. 28th, at 6pm, at the Plaza Inn.


Under new business: No new business was discussed.

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