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KATS International Club members presenting to the second grade class at Kenton Elementary School.


New to Kenton High School, is a program called the “KATS International Club” which stands for Kenton Association of Traveling Students. The KATS club opens member's eyes to life and culture outside the United States. The Club’s advisor, Miss Susanne Seybold took the idea of an international club and through help of the “Tony Cook Memorial Grant” through “Academic Year In America” she brought it to students. The group meets Bimonthly during the school day to plan their different events. The students in the club sample foods from different counties, learn games that are played and some phrases spoken by those of a different heritage.

Seybold says that the KATS International Club exists to educate students  but also for service projects. Their most recent project took them to the Kenton Elementary School. She tells us more about that.


“The event was called ‘Celebrate...Wherever you are.’ It was done in conjunction with the Lion and Lamb Peace Center through Bluffton University. In the third grade unit of the elementary school, every classroom was a different country. We had Kenya, the holiday of Kwanzaa, Mexico and legend of the poinsettia, Chinese New Year, Sweden and the feast of St. Lucia, Diwali which is a holiday from india. The 21 KATS students that attended led the kids in making a craft or another hands-on activity.”

The three Foreign Exchange students at the high school then presented to the 2nd grade class at an assembly.


She would like to thank school superintendent Jennifer Penczarski for writing the grant and to Academic Year In America for funding the group. Also, she wants to thank Amy Mikesell and Robyn Sturgeon 2nd, and 3rd grade teachers for helping to put together their service event.


Seybold said that if any community members had an international background and wanted to present to the KATS International club, it would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested, please email seybolds@kentoncityschools.org. For WKTN News, I’m Kolt Buchenroth

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