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The 24th and final session of 2015 of the Kenton City Council meeting was held Monday night. The meeting began with a special ceremony with Kenton Police Chief Dennis Musser.


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The city council entered into close session to work on Labor Negotiation which are moving forward and will continue into 2016.


The Tree Commission submitted a report that the the Kenton City crews will select 10 trees to begin cutting once the property owners have been notified. The Commission also discussed the complaints from store owners around the historic downtown who would like the pear trees to be removed. The Tree Commission members would hope to plant more trees in 2016.


The Council discussed and passed an ordinance to make annual appropriations for current expenses and other expenditures for 2016. Mayor Randy Manns gave an updated on the current 2015 budget. As of November 28th the city was 345,000 over expected budget for 2015, which is 15,000 from last week, projected budget may exceed 350,000 before the end of the year.


Mayor Randy Manns announced that he has met with Sheriff Everhart and Chief Musser about the dispatchers. The Kenton Police has only 3 dispatchers and are needed. Sheriff Everhart has agreed to have a third shift dispatcher at no cost to the city for a trial basis.


Outgoing and transitioning council members thanked other members and the community. Kenton City Auditor John Moore thanked the council after 7 years of service. Tom Taylor congratulated the new council members and thanked the council after over 4 years of service. Nicole Fay who was picked by council to fill the position showed her appreciation for the council. Brian Hattery will be transitioning into his new role in 2016 and looked forward to working with the finance committee.


Swearing in of current and new officers was performed after the council meeting. Incoming members Clint Sneary, Michael T. White, and Antwilla Davis where sworn in to office.


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