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The 24th and final session of 2015 of the Kenton City Council meeting was held Monday December 28th 2015. The meeting began with a special ceremony with Kenton Police Chief Dennis Musser.


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank officer and deputies for their exceptional atcs of duty, for going above and beyond the call of duty”


Chief Musser read a recommendation from Deputy Austin Kerry.


“During the early morning hours of November 17th the Police Department was notified about an active structure fire at 1037 South Main Street, which is the Scioto Village apartments. As officers normally do, Kemmere and Taylor responded and were the first emergency responders on the scene, both officers quickly accessed the scene and determined that victims may very well be still inside the apartments. Both officers began checking and clearing apartments and in some instances broke windows to gain entry. Officer Kemmere and Officer Taylor did not hesitate to put their own safety at risk to save others, at least one victim was assisted by the officers. While performing these duties Officer Taylor did sustain smoke inhalation and was treated at the scene by BKP”


Officer Dan Kemmere and Tony Taylor where presented with commendations for their actions during the fire.


Commendations 2015


Chief Musser also read the recommendation from Patrolman Shane Wood. On November 28th Patrolman Skylar Newfer was dispatched to France Lake on a report of a submerged vehicle with one female occupant.


“Without regard for his own safety patrolman Newfer made a hasty entry into the frigid waters of the lake to rescue the female who was in shock and unable to self rescue due to the conditions. Patrolman Newfer was expedient in his decision making process during the entire situation.”


Chief Musser went on to say that after speaking with Patrolman Newfer it became apparent that Deputy Joe Carl was a valuable resource and was the one who was able to identify the location of the submerged vehicle. Deputy Carl entered the water and helped Patrolman Newfer carry the pregnant woman to the safety.


Commendations 2015


Patrolman Newfer was presented with commendation for his actions and also received the Police Officer Life saving award pin. Deputy Carl received a commendation for the service he rendered.

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