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The Kenton Finance Committee met for the June meeting on Tuesday and moved to bring several items to the next Kenton City Council meeting for discussion and possible approval.


Finance Committee


The Committee had their June meeting on the last day of May and began the meeting discussing old business including the quotes for roof repairs on the city building and the water rates increases for the City of Kenton. A bid for a full roof replacement was submitted to the committee from the Cotterman Company out of Minster Ohio. The bid includes a Duralast rubber base and white metal roofing to replace the current roof which is over 20 years old and past its effectiveness. The submitted cost for a 15 year warranty was $38,760 with the option to add another 5 years to the warranty for $2,000. It was discussed by the committee and determined that this should be sent to the council for approval with the full 20 year warranty. David Beasley moved to send appropriations to the next council meeting for $40,760 and it was passed to move forward.


Committee Chair Teresa Styer also presented a revised worksheet to show how the water rate increases of 5% to 10% per year will effect Kenton Residential residents. Committee member Clint Sneary asked how any water rate increase might effect businesses in the area. Beasley doesn't think the the businesses will be adversely effected because the extra revenue will go towards helping improve the water system delivery and hopefully reduce the amount of full city water boil alerts. The extra revenue according to Beasley would have to be used to identify and map the the current water system in order to increase the number of water shutoff valves throughout the city to shut off only certain areas if a water leak happens. Safety Service Director Jim Hites told the committee that the new city engineer is currently working about once a week on the mapping of the systems but Hites says they basically already know where the lines are in the city but the issues is where are the local shut offs. The finance committee is waiting on current figures from the Waterworks department in relation to potential revenue per year if the rates are increased, and the impact of the increases on businesses. The current balance of the Kenton City Waterworks according to the information from the treasures office is $824,000 currently on hand in the bank.


In other portions of the meeting a lease program was suggested for next year to purchase a pot hole patching unit, money for the alley project behind the city building, and mosquito spraying for the city. Jim Hites submitted information on a one man pot hole hot patch machine with a total cost of approximately $56,673 and would recommended to start a lease program sometime in the next year. Hites would like this added to the 5 year plan for the city and thinks the city would benefit from leasing the machine to fix the pot holes throughout the city.


The alley project behind the Kenton City Building would cost approximately $8,958 and was discussed by the committee if this should be a priority. Hites says that there are plenty of other streets and alleys in Kenton that are for worse then that alley, and Beasley talked about how the bid submitted is actually a reduced rate because the company will already be replacing the parking lot and the cost is reduced if they move forward with the paving at the same time. It was discussed that if they are already doing the alley to help with the access to the city building and the municipal court they might want to ask the company to include an estimate to also pave the section of the lot directly behind the Police Department.


Safety Service Director Jim Hites was asked by the mayor to talk about approving money for the Mosquito spray for the city of Kenton. The committee members asked for a bid on the cost to complete the project and will decide when that bid is received.



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