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Most of Hardin County got in on the high end of the 3 to 5 inches of snow that was forecast to fall Wednesday night.
Residents woke up to a blanket of the white stuff this morning. The first significant snowfall in some time in the area closed schools today and led to numerous crashes around the county.
The calls started coming into the Hardin County Sheriff's Office shortly after five in the evening. There were around ten crashes in all. Most were said to be minor, but injury crashes were reported on Township Road 84 at State Route 195 and the other in the 7000 block of State Route 195.   
So what do kids do on a snow day? If you're 7 year old Oliver Sneary, you help your dad shovel snow. 
Oliver helps his dad Clint shovel snow on the sidewalk around Twirl. The two also cleared the sidewalks in front of Huntington Bank and WKTN Radio.
The snow also coated playground equipment at Pioneer Park this morning.

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