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On Tuesday February 28th, Kenton High School hosted the Hardin County Student Job and Career Fair.  This event was sponsored by the Hardin County Chamber and Business Alliance.  Over 400 seniors from Kenton and other county schools met with employers from over 40 local businesses.


Hardin County Chamber and Business Alliance President & CEO, Jon Cross, spoke about the purpose of the event.  “Today there’s two functions: one is finding employment and two is exploring careers because I think students don’t realize all the great career opportunities that are in Hardin County”. Cross Said.


Cross hopes to make the career fair an annual event that will involve younger students as well.  “We will work with all of our schools to offer more internship programs and also more job shadowing for our freshman and sophomores.” Explained Cross.


Students in attendance also felt that the event would have a lasting impact on the community.  Senior Austin Buroker, from Kenton High School, gave his opinion.  “It gives a lot of people insight on careers and businesses around the community that they can take advantage of and help impact our community and make it stronger.” Said Buroker.


Any student or parent who was unable to attend the career fair can contact the Hardin County Chamber and Business Alliance to get more information about student jobs and careers.

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