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The Hardin County Agricultural Society met Saturday, March 4, 2017, at the Hardin County Fairgrounds for their monthly board meeting. Nineteen directors were present and 12 guests were present.
Howard Lyle, President, called the meeting to order.
Doris Kissling stated she has the 2016 Hardin County Fair scrapbook done.
Paul Ralston, representing the Hardin County Fair Foundation, gave the 2016 financial report for the foundation.
There were $28,242.12 donations for 2016, with a balance of $63,880.34. There were 76 Jr. Fair contributions for an amount of $3,982.06 and 3 businesses more than matched the Jr. Fair contributions. The fair foundation would like to thank all of those who donated last year and for the past 3 years.
Lesa Heacock, representing the Kenton Times, presented the 2017 fair premium booklet proposal.
A correspondence from the Hardin Northern Boosters was read. The board moved to donate 2 season passes for their Booster Bingo fundraiser as a silent auction/door prize donation.
Jim Bidwell spoke on behalf of the Grounds Committee. Minutes from their meeting on Feb. 15th were discussed.
The board moved to go with the committee's recommendation for a new sound system in the livestock barns. It was noted all grants have been turned in. The board moved to sell the society's fogger in the consignment sale.
It was noted there are now motion sensor lights in the rest rooms. The board moved to purchase the auctioneering trailer and speakers from Marvin Ford. The next ground's meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 15th at 7pm.
Craig Stump, representing the camping committee, stated there are currently 15 off season campers. The fairgrounds currently has a temporary camping permit and the fairground is applying for a state camping license
and will have to have a variance in the meantime.
Free entertainment for the 2017 Hardin County Fair was accepted. There will be a Great Bear Show with 3 North American Black Bears for $8500. They will have 3 shows a day for all 6 days. The Columbus Zoo will be having a
one hour show on Friday and Saturday for a total of $1400. They will be bringing 6-8 animals each day. And there will be a First Bite Fish Tank for children to fish at for $6000. This is catch and release fishing. They will be present all week of the fair.
It was noted Senior Citizen's Day will be the same as last year.
The Hardin County Tractor Pull Association's proposal for a truck/tractor pull on Friday night of the fair was accepted. There will be 4 classes which will start at 7pm. One class will be a light pro COTPA tractor pull class, rules for that class are sponsored by the Central Ohio Tractor Puller Association. There will be a cheater street
gas 4x4 pickup class, rules for that class are sponsored by the Hardin County Pullers and Buckeye Power Productions. A third class will be 2.6 smooth bore diesel 4x4's, rules sponsored by the Hardin County Pullers and Buckeye Power Productions. And the fourth class will be hot/altered semis, rules sponsored by the Hardin
County Pullers.
There will be a dairy wether goat class added to the 2017 Hardin County Fair. Some of the open class sheep breed classes and wool classes are going to be combined this year.
It was noted vendor contracts will be mailed soon.
Nancy Rickenbacher, representing the JR. Fair board, stated they have had their election of officers and they will be meeting the 3rd Monday of each month in the community building. 
It was noted the Hardin County Fair's website is going to be revamped. The board agreed to keep the fair book copies printed the same as in the past. Thea 2017 advertising budget was accepted. The 2017 bumper sticker design was also accepted.
Under old business:
There will be eight directors and guests attending the OFMA District 1 & 2 spring meeting in Findlay on March 25th.
The Hardin County Fair's Annual Consignment Sale will be Saturday, March 11th , starting at 9am. Items to be consigned are being accepted March 8, 9 and 10 from 9am-5:30pm.
All fair book changes are needed to Judi ASAP.
Under new business:
Judi Cronley stated the 1st quarter fair newsletter will be going out after the consignment sale.
The next regular board meeting will be Saturday, April 1st at 7:30pm.

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