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On Thursday Night the athletic department at Kenton High School honored their winter athletes at the annual Winter Sports Award Night.  The event began with highlighting the Booster award winners from each sport.  
Booser Award Winners for the Winter Sports Season.
From Cheerleading: Allie Cummins.  From the Girls Basketball Team: Sara Hoyt and from the Boys Basketball Team: Trent Hites.  From Boys Swimming: Mason Blooms and from Girls Swimming: Sarah Thomas.  From Boys Bowling: Brandon Feltner and from Girls Bowling: Konner Alban. From the Wrestling Team: Mason Rhoades.  
Senior Ashely Morris was honored at the Banquet by Basketball Coach Ryan Miller.
Each sporting team offered their own awards to athletes which included 1st year letters as well as 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year awards.  For girls basketball, senior Ashley Morris was highlighted for scoring her 1,000th point for her career and ending with a total of 1,059 points.  The swim team honored their "Ironman", Tyler Rosebrook and "Woman of Steel", Jana Cronley for competing in the most events.  The Boys basketball team also showcased two of their seniors, Thomas and Hunter Phillips, as they got honorary mentions in the Northwest.
Kenton's Athletic Director, Mike Leddy, described the event.  "This is really to honor and pay tribute and really just kind of a big thank you to everyone that helped make our Winter Sports possible."  Leddy cited that Kenton High School is extremely proud of the work the athletes put in this season. "We played very hard, we competed well, and we're proud of our work." 

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