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The Mary Lou Johnson Hardin County District Library has a program available for anyone wanting to learn a new language. 
It is the Rosetta Stone program, and Library Director Sam Norris said you can access the program at the library, "The only thing you have to have is a library card that's valid and good working order, which means you're free of fines and your record is up to date, and they can utilize that from our computer machine. Basically they'll come in and sign in, they'll reach the Rosetta Stone link and from there it's very simple, you'll put in your own information, your name and create an account with Rosetta Stone and that way it will save your progress."
He said you can also access the program at home as well, "Except you'll download a small application on your phone if you'd want to or if you have a home computer, access our website, long in with your library card number and then create an account from there and you can learn one of 30 languages from Rosetta Stone."
Norris said the Rosetta Stone program is new this year at the library this year after trying several programs in the past, "We felt Rosetta Stone may be one of the best and well known, but since they stopped selling software, most of it's all done online, so there is really even today, there's nothing for you come into the library to get, it's more of just signing up and  using the software program online."

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