Church of the Month Worship Service
Church of the Month Worship Service
10:30am - 11:30pm
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BLUFFTON, Ohio-"Beauty Is Something to Love" will be Jeff Gundy's topic for Bluffton University's Civic Engagement Forum on Tuesday, March 28, in Yoder Recital Hall. His 11 a.m. presentation is free and open to the public.
The Forum revolves around Bluffton's 2016-17 civic engagement theme of, "Creativity, the Arts and Civic Life." Each year, the university focuses on a significant contemporary issue that is related to its mission and becomes the subject of cross-disciplinary exploration. Gundy's lecture/multimedia presentation explores how, "beauty is everywhere in this world, and our yearning for beauty and desire to create it both enrich and complicate all of our lives."
The presentation will include poems, images, music and reflections that will invite participants to consider beauty-how we experience it, respond to it and try to create it-in new ways. We will explore how beauty is intertwined with our search for truth, justice, and peace, with exploitation and violence, and indeed with just about everything that makes us human beings, citizens and children of God. 

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