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An Open House to discuss the Kenton Downtown Revitalization Plan was held Wednesday evening in the Hardin County Courthouse.
Before the open house, Project Planner Justin Robbins, Senior Planner and Project Manager for OHM Advisors, said putting together the plan is a two track process, “It’s something that needs to be addressed as far as the infrastructure goes in the downtown, but with that comes the opportunity to re-imagine the public spaces in the downtown, so things that we can look at are sidewalks, pedestrian amenities, traffic, all these are items we have to consider with a project like this”
He said an open house was held to seek public input on the project, “Nobody wants to see their community change in ways that the community doesn’t want, so hopefully at the end of this process we can deliver a design and a process and a project that really reflects the best of what this community wants to do.”
Robbins added that the architecture in downtown Kenton makes it unique and attractive for future growth, “The buildings here are almost impossible to reproduce. I couldn’t go out and get somebody to build any of the buildings you have down here right now. They are irreplaceable in the sense, and it’s that kind of urban district, that kind of urban fabric that people are now attracted to, and it’s something that you’re not going to see a whole lot of other places outside of your community.”

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