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LIMA — The Lima News reported that gas prices in nine area counties increased an average of 9.7 cents since last week, according to prices reported to GasBuddy.com.
Hancock County saw the most significant jump, as the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas went from $2.25 last week to $2.38 early Monday — a 13-cent climb. Van Wert County experienced the second-largest increase, with the average gas price rising 12 cents. Prices in Hardin and Logan counties surged 11 cents, while Mercer and Putnam counties saw a 9-cent spike.
Regional gas prices rose at least 7 cents per gallon for the second week in a row, with four of nine counties experiencing double-digit increases.
The lowest average price in the region was $2.22 in Hardin County, followed by Auglaize ($2.25), Van Wert ($2.30), Mercer ($2.34), Shelby ($2.35), Allen and Logan ($2.37), Hancock ($2.38) and Putnam ($2.39) counties.

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