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At the regular meeting Monday night, the board heard from Kenton High School JROTC cadets Alyssa Rostorfer, Dalton Perkins, and Jason Madison, about the recent JROTC Senior cruise to the bahamas. The group reported that they learned of cultural diversity as well as operation planning. The students toured multiple islands, as well as a naval air station, and Washington D.C. JROTC instructor MSG David Clifford said that the trip was very informational for the students.


The board also heard from the finance committee as they met on the previously discussed JROTC obstacle course, and athletic building projects.


Superintendent Jennifer Penczarski said that they have had many successes with the straight A grant, and that many students that have completed the coursework will be awarded college credit.


Approved Substitutes:



Jacob Eikenbary​ - Substitute bus driver
Steve Black​ - Substitute custodian
Barbara Scherer​ - Substitute bus driver
Approved Volunteers:
Brittney Arnold
Brad Blue
Rebecca Browning
Bonita Burroughs
Elizabeth Byers
Joshua Byers
Amanda Cameron
Ricki Coulson
Tiffany Dale
Megan Dalton
Stefanay Dick
Tony Doenges
Shannon Donnelly
James Evans, Jr.
Hannah Flowers
Michelle Gammon
Derek Gibson
Amanda Grasley
December Hannah
Renea Harris
Carrie Haudenschield
Christina Haudenschield
Stayci Hensel
Britney Hites
Nicole Hougendobler
Stacey Kavanaugh
Lee Lawrence
Cassandra Lightner
Renae Klotz
Amber McKinley
Michelle Musser
Amber Newland
Melody Norris
Kelsey Ralston
Nick Rhodes
Ranae Sherman
Darcy Shumaker
Penny Smith
Joy Vanhorn 
Sharron Wells
Matt Winegardner
Sarah Wirbel
David Yoder
Samantha Zachariah
Approved Non-Renewal of Supplemental Contracts:
Jared Manns 
Chuck Downing
Jason Jones
Zach Turner
Jamie Bartlett
Alexandra Manley
Matt McCullough
Ryan Miller
Matt Frey
William Lawrence 
Morgan Rogers
Shawn Smith
Brent Fackler
Matt Dudek
Bo Hoppe
Colby Rush
William Lawrence
Rick Hudgel
Nancy Baum
Rick Collins
Kevin Kapanka
Chuck Moore
Katie Brim
Jeremy Reed
Anne Eley
Brad Blue
Nick Stuck 
Joe Funkhouser
Traci Jones
Shana Stout 
Vicki Krock
Beth Harshfield
Deb Bartlett
Leslie Cochensparger
David Clifford
Eric Croke
Chris Becker
Jared Manns
Jodi Cole-Needles
Jamie Bartlett
Travis Wissman
John Georgeson
Tomi Cheney
Todd Daquino
Katie Ketcham
Ashley Chapman
Mary Cook
Robyn Sturgeon
Jennifer Ewing
Tom Ewing
Stefany Jacoby
Brenda Ames
Amy Long
Amy Johnson
Kendra Hale
Heather Erwin
Susie Thrush
Amy Kohl
Allison Kemmere
Jennifer Woodward
Brooke Purcell
Bari Bradford
Tom Buroker
Christina Cross 
Melody Norris 
Teresa Harris
Sharon Martin
Ashley Anderson
Robin Hughes
Ellen Sheldon
Tim Davis
Luke Abbott
Chad West
Andrew Hobensack
Jordan Martin
Courtney Rolf
Keith Kissling 
Brooke Bostelman
Ashlee Dawson
Aaron Montgomery
Randy Morris
Jay Bostelman
Sarah Cooper
Jackie Stalder
Aaron Johnson
Josh Sheldon
Julie Baird
Angela Miller
Emily Schaub
Jenna Sherman
Trevor Beazley
Dave Stuck
Lynn Webb
Megan Manns
Keith Kissling
Ryan Althouse
Sue Buroker
Penczarski noted that these contracts would be re-evaluated and approved at the next board meeting.
Approved Classified Substitutes:
Bus Drivers:
Tom Anderson 
Brian Bays
Bryan Clawson
Rick Collins
John Dulin 
Jacob Eikenbary
Marcus Lyons
Jared Manns
Doug Roberts
Russ Senning
Brian Ulrich
Van Drivers:
Brad Blue 
David Clifford
Jacob Eikenbary
Rozina Eikenbary
Andrew Hobensack
Mike Leddy
Shalie Logan
Tom McBrayer
Tasha Bridenstine 
Dorothy Britton
Tiffany Dale
Crystal Edwards 
Cathy Lawrence
Jessica Miller
Gloria Mullins 
Sherry Peoppleman
Kelli Seiler
Steve Black 
Dan Comstock
Mel Donnal
James Evans 
Charles Fox
David Kah
Karen Murphy 
Russ Senning
Educational Assistants:
Brittany Arnold
Barb Baum
Tasha Bridenstine
Mark Butterman 
Brenda Conley
Judy Donnal
Crystal Edwards 
Jacob Eikenbary
James Evans
Stacie Francis 
Amanda Hewett
Kevin Kapanka, Jr.
Carrie Miller 
Lindsay Payne
Sherry Peoppleman
Heather Preston 
Christa Rarey
Angela Rembis
Cindy Rogers 
Jennifer Smith
Sharron Wells
Carol Wilcox 
Kim Wirbel
Stacy Clawson 
Judy Donnal
Rozina Eikenbary
Heather Preston
Christa Rarey
Jennifer Smith
Approved Substitute Teachers:
Tanyce Addison
Julie Baird
Angela Brown
Jana Burns
Sue Buroker
Kathy Burris
McKenzie Butterman 
Dustin Clapsaddle
Emily Cooper
Sarah Cooper 
Andrew Corne
Judi Cronley
Paula Deardorff 
Shannon Donnelly
Britni Dooley
Marilyn Dulin 
Brice Fackler
Stacie Francis
Jaimee Frey 
Timothy Greer 
Paul Herman
Michelle Hicks 
Johnna Horn
Terry Huffman
Jeanette Karcher 
Alicia Kleinfelter
Lois Lautenschlager
Holly Layman Cannode 
Valerie Lifer 
Kelly MacDonald
Deb Manns 
Portia Mansfield
Greg Markley
John McEntee 
Donna Myers
Catlin Pauley
Kelsey Ralston 
Terrena Robson 
Robin Rosebrook
Adam Shaw 
Heather Shaw
Mary Sherman
Evelyn Titus 
Steve Walter
Lauren Weaver
Vernon Wedemeyer 
Nancy Wilcox
Sue Wilcox
Randall Wilson 
Sandra Ziebold
LeAnn Zimmerly Pryor
Approved Internal Transfers:
Christie Lawrence​
Alexandra Manley​
Brad Blue​
Shawn Smith
Rebecca Reineke-Hites
Jenifer Stauffer​
Approved Resignations:
Tammera Harp
Eric Croke
Approved Maternity Leave:

Kelli Kugel

Furthermore, Teacher Appreciation Week was approved for the week of May 1st, and it was voted that the school day lengths will remain the same for the three schools across the district.

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