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Travel down the yellow brick road this week as Hardin Northern High School presents, "The Wizard of Oz."


Lydia Rush, who plays Dorothy, said the show will take place this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, "On the 21st and the 22nd, it's at 7:30 and on the 23rd, it is at 2:30. Ticket prices are $6.00 for seniors and kids and $8.00 for adults."


Garrett Eikenbary, who plays the Cowardly Lion, talks about how the Wizard of Oz was chosen to perform, "My mom's actually the director of the musical, and she's always really liked the Wizard of Oz, and she just looked at some of the parts and stuff that were in in, and she just knew her cast really well and picked it based off of who she saw and I think we kind of like a challenge when we do our musicals, and this has definitely been one, but we're really excited."


Sam Diller, who plays the Wizard, said he has really enjoyed playing the character, "Because he gets to be a real high and mighty, and he gets to yell a lot. I think that's a lot of fun."


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