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The Hardin County Safety Council met today and heard an inspirational message from Brad Hurtig who has been featured on CBS, Ted Talks, and ESPN to name a few.


Brad Hurtig was an all American high school athlete with a bright future when he was involved in a workplace accident involving a 500 ton power press.  After losing both his hands Brad quickly realized a mindset of safety is needed in our daily lives, he urged the council to “Slow down, and move your eyes before your body”.  Reminding us that hindsight is 20/20 because it is usually easier to see missed signs when we slow down and reevaluate the situation. Brad stresses: “now is the time to bring that hindsight to the foresight.”


Brad’s message was not just one of safety, it was one of overcoming adversity. Brad was determined to play football again, and joined his team on the practice field as soon as he was able. Brad quoted his high school coach saying  If you are thirsty enough, you will find away.”  His senior year, Brad led his team with 111 tackles and earned all-state honors, all while playing with no hands. .” Brad’s passion for making excuses, adapting, and adjusting is one that can resonate with us all.


For more information on booking Brad to speak with your safety team email: eddie@relevantspeakers.com

For information on joining the Hardin County Safety Council contact Jesse Purcell at jpurcell@hccba.com


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