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May is Neurofibromatosis awareness month. May 17th is World NF Awareness Day and If you drove by the court house last night you may have noticed the east and west sides of the hardin county court house were lit up in blue and green for Shine A Light on NF.


Larry Gossard talks about why May 17th was an important day for NF.


"May 17th is world NF day, and approxametly 147 buildings and monumnets around the world light up blue and green to raise awareness about Nurofibramatosis, and help my son Brice and all of the other NF kids in Ohio. It's just phenominal to have the support from the community that allows us to do this, and it's important that not only the courthouse, but the city building too. These are two buildings of 147 worldwide." Said Gossard.

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