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The R.E. & Joan S. Allen Foundation announced the awarding of $66,000 in scholarships to 52 students in 2017.


In May, 2017 the Allen Foundation awarded 24 first year scholarships in the amount of $30,500,


Second year scholarships in the amount of $17,000

Third year scholarships in the amount of $10,000

And Fourth year scholarships in the amount of $8500


Since 1991, the Allen Foundation has awarded scholarships to 1367 different students in the amount of $2,450,150.


The scholarships are made possible by an endowment from R.E. & Joan S. Allen in 1990 following the sale of their Imperial Cup Plant in Kenton. Grants are available to graduating seniors of Kenton High School and to employees and immediate family members of International Paper Food Service Business in Kenton.


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