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The Kenton City Council met for the 17th regular session on Monday evening at the City Building.


Council members voted to excuse councilman Michael White for the evening. All other members were in attendance.


During monthly and annual reports, the council learned from City Auditor Brian Hattery that the computer software utilized by the Water & Sewer Department had a discrepancy with the software used by the Deputy Auditor’s office. For the month of August, the Auditor’s office software showed a sewer revenue of $174,592.11, while the Water & Sewer Department’s office software showed a sewer revenue of $174,312.45, a difference of $279.66. The discrepancy is being looked into by both departments.


The report from the Income Tax Department also showed a shortfall from 2016’s numbers. The year-to-date total from 2017 is $234,396.92 less than the same total from 2016.


Under old business, the council voted to pass a resolution establishing a minimum cash balance reserve for the General Fund. Before adopting the resolution, councilman David Beazley moved to amend the legislation. The amendment clarified that the minimum reserve, set at $600,000, was to be maintained post current encumbrances. The amendment was approved unanimously, and the amended resolution passed unanimously as well.


In new business, the council voted to suspend the three-reading rule for two pieces of legislation; a third piece moved to 2nd reading in two weeks. The first adopted resolution accepted the amounts and rates as determined by the budget commission and authorized the necessary tax levies. The second adopted ordinance amended the city’s Codified Ordinance, Section 234.05, adjusting the residency requirement for the Fire Department. This amendment brings the city’s residency requirement into compliance with the Ohio Revised Code. Fire Chief Tim Clark thanked the council for their expediency, noting that the department is beginning interviews on Tuesday to hire a new fire fighter. The third ordinance seeks to vacate an alley along Franklin Street and will be read again at the next meeting.


Council heard from two committees; the Finance Committee will meet on Monday, September 18 at 5:30pm. They will be meeting with department heads and discussing 5 year plans. The Cemetery Board also gave a report, noting that the board has started a waterway, which they hope to finish in mid-September.


Safety Service Director Jim Hites spoke first during comments, informing council that the splash pad at Murray Park will be closed for the season on Friday, September 15. The park itself will remain open. Mayor Randy Manns told council during his comments that Teen Night will be held at Wharton Park on Saturday, September 30 from 4-7pm. Mayor Manns also said that there would be a $10 pulled pork fundraiser at Price Funeral Home on Saturday, September 16, with the funds raised being used to install water filters for orphanages in Uganda.


The next meeting of the Kenton City Council will be held on Monday, September 25, 2017 at 7:00pm in council chambers.


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