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An Alger native is continuing a 75 year Seabee tradition.


The U.S. Navy's Construction Force is known as the Seabees, and their motto is "We Build, We Fight."


2017 Upper Scioto Valley graduate and Navy Constructionman Recruit Peyton Dyer builds and fights around the world as a member of a naval construction battalion center located in Gulfport, Mississippi.


Dyer works as a builder which is responsible for construction of an array of projects for the military and for humanitarian relief.


He credits his hometown of Alger for teaching him about fellowship and what it means to be a neighbor and how important it is to work together.


The jobs of some of the Seabees today have remained unchanged since World War II, when the Seabees paved the 10,000-mile road to victory for the allies in the Pacific and in Europe.


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